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11 Harrowhouse 1974
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 1954
5 Fingers 5 Fingers 1952
Across To Singapore Across To Singapore 1928
Age of Consent 1969
Age of Consent / Cactus Flower Age of Consent / Cactus Flower 2018
Anything For Love 1974
Assault Force 1980
The Assisi Underground The Assisi Underground 1985
Autobiography Of A Princess 1975
Bad Man's River Bad Man's River 1972
The Bells Go Down 1943
Bigger Than Life Bigger Than Life 1956
Bloodline 1979
The Blue Max 1966
Botany Bay 1953
The Boys From Brazil The Boys From Brazil 1978
Caught Caught 1949
Charade 1953
Child's Play Child's Play 1972
Cold Sweat Cold Sweat 1971
Cold War Thrillers Cold War Thrillers 2019
Cop-Out Cop-Out 1967
Cross of Iron Cross of Iron 1977
Cry Terror Cry Terror 1958
Cry Terror 1958
A Dangerous Summer 1982
The Deadly Affair The Deadly Affair 1967
The Decks Ran Red The Decks Ran Red 1958
The Desert Fox The Desert Fox 1951
The Desert Rats The Desert Rats 1953
The Destructors The Destructors 1974
Dr. Fischer Of Geneva 1985
Duffy Duffy 1968
East Side, West Side East Side, West Side 1949
Escape From Zahrain Escape From Zahrain 1962
Evil Under The Sun Evil Under The Sun 1982
Face To Face 1952
The Fall Of The Roman Empire 1964
Fanny By Gaslight Fanny By Gaslight 1944
Fast Fortune 1974
Ffolkes Ffolkes 1980
The Flower In His Mouth 1975
For Heaven's Sake/Dr. Jack 1926
Forever Darling Forever Darling 1956
Frankenstein: The True Story Frankenstein: The True Story 1973
Genghis Khan Genghis Khan 1965
Georgy Girl 1966
The Golden Heist 1975
Great Expectations Great Expectations 1974
Hatter's Castle 1941
Heaven Can Wait Heaven Can Wait 1978
Hero's Island Hero's Island 1962
The High Command 1937
Hitler's Gold 1975
Hotel Reserve 1946
The House of Hitchcock Collection 2019
I Met A Murderer 1939
Inside Out Inside Out 1975
Island In The Sun 1957
Ivanhoe 1982
Jesus of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth 1977
Journey To The Center Of The Earth Journey To The Center Of The Earth 1959
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar 1953
Kidnap Syndicate 1975
Lady Possessed 1952
The Last Of Sheila The Last Of Sheila 1973
Lolita Lolita 1962
Lord Jim Lord Jim 1965
The Mackintosh Man The Mackintosh Man 1973
Madame Bovary 1949
The Man Between The Man Between 1953
The Man In Grey 1943
Mandingo Mandingo 1975
The Marriage-Go-Round The Marriage-Go-Round 1960
Mayerling 1969
Murder By Decree Murder By Decree 1979
The Night Has Eyes 1942
North By Northwest North By Northwest 1959
North Sea Hijack 1980
Odd Man Out Odd Man Out 1947
One Way Street 1950
Outlaws and Con Men: 4-Film Collection Outlaws and Con Men: 4-Film Collection 2019
Pandora And The Flying Dutchman Pandora And The Flying Dutchman 1951
The Passage The Passage 1979
A Place Of One's Own 1945
Prince Valiant 1954
The Prisoner Of Zenda 1952
The Pumpkin Eater 1964
The Reckless Moment 1949
The Renegade Ranger 1938
Return Of The Scarlet Pimpernel 1938
Salem's Lot Salem's Lot 1979
The Sea Gull The Sea Gull 1968
Secret Mission 1942
The Seventh Veil 1945
The Shooting Party 1984
Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline 1979
Slip Slide Adventures 1978
Spring And Port Wine 1970
A Star is Born A Star is Born 1954
The Story Of Three Loves The Story Of Three Loves 1953
Stranger In The House 1967
Terror House 1942
They Met In The Dark 1945
They Were Sisters 1945
Tiara Tahiti 1962
Torpedo Bay 1964
A Touch Of Larceny 1960
The Trials Of Oscar Wilde 1960
The Verdict The Verdict 1982
The Virginian 1929
Voyage Of The Damned 1976
The Water Babies 1978
Way Out West 1937
Way Out West 1937
Why Worry?/Never Weaken 1923
The Wicked Lady 1945
Yellowbeard Yellowbeard 1983
The Yin And Yang Of Mr. Go 1971