Your Turn: Our readers' choices for the 'A-Team' cast

Posted Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 1:04 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

We asked for your feedback on our choices for next year's A-Team movie. Feed us back you did!

But before I run-down some of your choices, allow me to add another name to my line-up. I originally pegged Bruce Willis for the Hannibal role but I thought of another actor who I believe is better suited: James Gandolfini. I can totally see the man behind Tony Soprano filling George Pepard's khaki jacket.

The response to our picks were mostly positive. Even the ones who disagreed were very cordial, like Matt F.:

I agree with your picks for the most part. Definitely Bruce Willis as Hannibal. I would go with either Owen Wilson or the guy from married with children that was married to marcie as face. He might be too old. Howlin would have to be Buscemi. But last how could you pick Ice Cube over Ving Rhames. Ice Cube looks like Chris Rock when standing next to Ving Rhames. Last I remember Mr. T. was a bad ass, not a ghetto thug. Ving Rhames all the way

Mr. Rhames certainly is the fan favorite for B.A. at this point. Lots of other people suggested the Mr. T look-alike Quinton Jackson from UFC. (Another person picked MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.) Yeah, the dude certainly does look the part, especially with the chain around his neck but can he act? What am I saying? If WWE-ers like John Cena can pull it off, anyone can -- right?

Many liked our alternative pick of Queen Latifah for B.A. I'm still very proud of that gender switch for the Mr. T role. Reader Tom in New York switched genders (no, not him personally) for the part of Face:

Hannibal: like Clooney, but what about William H Macy or Aaron Eckhart?
Face: Would love to see Brad Pitt do it, or maybe Matthew McConaghey or this could be a good role to switch genders, and go with someone like Vanessa Marcil
Murdoch: What about Val Kilmer or Robert Downey Jr.
B.A: Like Ice-Cube or Ving Rhames, Should also consider LL Cool J or Vin Disel...

I love it! Since Face's task is to acquire items for the group, a female Face could use her womanly charms to get anything from men. If my history with the ladies is any indication, this tactic works all too well.

Leave it to Tim in Arizona to fill us in on the actual rumored cast:

According to Ice cube is rumored for BA and woody harrelson for murdock

I really like Woody Harrelson for Murdock. I realize now that my choice of Robin Williams was as crazy as... well... Murdock. Harrelson is a very underrated actor. He was the best part of Semi-Pro for me. Ironically he played the only sane one in the bunch for that movie.

Reader Dan W. had another inspired choice for Murdock:

Murdock: This is a split. Williams was a good choice, and mine may not be better. Just hear it out. There are two men I think could do it, A) Giovanni Ribisi - Truthfully the guy just cracks me up, and is an all around good actor. The other is B) Kevin Connolly, whom after consideration may be a choice for Face as well, he's got that look to him that you don't expect anythings wrong with him. You only ever see dry humor from him on Entourage, but you know that if he ever opened up and acted crazy (and pulled it well), you'd be pretty impressed.

Speaking of underrated actors, Ribisi is an excellent choice here. I don't think he's ever gone his due. While he probably deserves a better role in a better movie, I really like him as Murdock. I keep thinking of his turn as Phoebe's strange younger brother in Friends.

For you completists out there, I've tabulated all the actors mentioned for each role. My picks are echoed here as well.




(The heading "All the wacky people in Hollywood -- minus Tom Cruise" would work for this list too)


Great work, guys! Now let's stay tuned to see if director John Singleton and crew take any of our advice.