Our Holiday Gift Guide: The Guy's Guy

Posted Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at 1:14 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

Here are our holiday gift suggestions for the rugged yet sophisticated men on your list, the real guys' guys. These choices will be ideal for men aged 35 to around 55 or 60.

James Bond Ultimate Collection Vol. 3 and Vol. 4

Nothing says "cool" like 007. These sets each contain five of the James Bond movies in a very debonair case. Each movie is contained on two discs: one for the movie another for some very cool bonus features. Volumes one and two in this collection are already out; three and four are due Dec. 12. Suggested retail price is $89.98.

The Groomsmen

Actor, writer, and director Edward Burns makes great "guy movies." His latest includes as Donal Logue and Jay Mohr as Burns' buddies who get together to reminisce before his wedding. It's a humorous look at adult relationships that the ladies will enjoy as well. Available now. $26.98 SRP.

24: Season 5

Kiefer Sutherland can kick some serious terrorist butt. 24 with its real-time concept is always great to watch on DVD and this season is one of the best. There are more twists and turns in this one than San Francisco's Broad Street. Read our full review of it.

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

This came out way back in 1980 before superhero movies were all the rage like they are now. This version is a re-cut of the film, done the way it was intended before director Richard Donner was fired. Terrence Stamp as General Zod is one of film's most underrated villains. And what guy doesn't like Superman? Available now. $24.98 SRP.

Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet Seereez

Did he like Borat? Well, show him where Borat got his start. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen portrays the characters Ali G, Borat, and Bruno to catch some unsuspecting people off guard. It can be a little off-color, but it's hilariously fun to watch. Available now. $49.99 SRP.

NFL Super Bowl I-XL Collector's Set

What's the number one thing on men's minds this time of year? The NFL, of course. Get him a retrospective of every Super Bowl from I to XL. (That's one to 40 for the non-Romans out there.) This 20-disc set is a football lover's dream. Available now. Available now. $149.98 SRP.

An Inconvenient Truth

When we men get older, we start getting more analytical, thinking more about the issues and trying to make the world a better place. Al Gore opens our eyes to the real issue of global warming. This is one serious documentary and perfect for the serious guy on your holiday list. Available now. $29.99 SRP.

The Da Vinci Code Special Edition

He surely read the best-selling book. Why not get him the movie? Tom Hanks as the puzzle-solving Robert Langdon provides lots of thought-provoking suspense and action. Available now. $29.96 SRP.

John Wayne-John Ford Film Collection

This one doesn't really need an explanation, does it? John Wayne is still the man we all look up to. This set contains eight films we did with director John Ford -- The Searchers: Ultimate Collector's Edition, Stagecoach: Special Edition, Fort Apache, The Long Voyage Home, Wings of Eagles, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, They Were Expendable, and 3 Godfathers. Available now. $79.92 SRP.

The Office: Season Two

Is your guy a white-collar warrior? If so, this is our Obligatory Holiday-Themed Pick for him. "Huh?" you say, "This doesn't sound very Christmasy." Well, the tenth episode of this season ("Christmas Party") is one of the best holiday-set sitcom episodes of all time. And in the incredibly odd chance he doesn't like the gift, there's always "Yankee Swap!" (Trust us, he'll love it.) Available now. $49.98 SRP. Read our review of this one.