Women of the House

1995 TV Miniseries/Comedy Not Rated

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The complete twelve-episode series. Women of the House takes Delta Burke's Suzanne Sugarbaker from the interior design firm of Designing Women and places her in an even more contentious setting - the U.S. House of Representatives. In this star-studded CBS spin-off, Sugarbaker - the former Miss World Georgia - takes over her most recent husband's Congressional seat after he dies in office, and proceeds to hilariously rock the boat. Delta Burke's brassy Suzanne finds Washington not quite ready for her brand of politics, though she does form an unusual bond with then-current President Bill Clinton. Suzanne also brings her mentally-challenged brother Jim (Better Call Saul's Jonathan Banks) and her young adopted daughter, Desiree (Brittany Parkyn), ensuring that smooth-sailing is not on the docket. Teri Garr also stars as Suzanne's press secretary Sissy Emerson, a down-and-out reporter doing her best to clean up her drinking act. Everybody Loves Raymond's Patricia Heaton portrays Natty Hollingsworth, Suzanne's snotty, uber-Conservative, pain-in-the-behind administrative assistant whose Congressman boyfriend is in prison. And then there is Jennifer Malone (Valerie Mahaffey, Julie Hagerty), a vivacious, naive, frail housewife whose husband has recently left her to handle her tyrannical kids alone.

Not Rated.

Released by Allied Vaughn. See more credits.