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5 Futuristic Features!

Hands of Steel (1986) Color Rated R John Saxon, Daniel Greene, Janet Agren

An international industrialist is determined to stop the interference of a world-leading ecological scientist. The industrialist hopes to continue his profitable, but environmentally unsafe practices, by sending his cyborg assassin to kill him. His plans take a turn when the cyborg's human side takes control and he refuses to kill the scientist, thus threatening to expose the evil man's enterprises.

Laser Mission (1990) Color Rated R Brandon Lee, Ernest Borgnine, Debi Monahan

Kidnapped by Soviet agents, Professor Braun (Ernest Borgnine) is forced to work on a powerful laser weapon that could be used to enslave the world. The CIA decides to send agents Michael Gold (Brandon Lee) and Alissa (Debi Monahan) into Cuba to retrieve the scientist and a cache of diamonds being used to build the weapon.

Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe (1990) Color Rated R Jesse Ventura, Sven Ole-Thorsen, Marjorie Bransfield, Damian Lee, Jerry Levitan, Ken Quinn

An alien fugitive arrives on Earth hoping to evade detection from the authorities sent to find him. What he didn't factor in his plans was the determination of the agent dispatched to retrieve him, Abraxas (Ventura). Complicating this situation is the fugitive taking up with an Earth woman and impregnating her with what could be a dangerous alien/human hybrid.

Slipstream (1989) Color Rated PG-13 Bill Paxton, Mark Hamill, Ben Kingsley, F. Murray Abraham

In the near future when the Earth has suffered an environmental disaster, a fugitive has been captured by a pair of cops with the intent of bringing him in for the huge reward. A bounty hunter learns of the capture and takes the fugitive from the officers, to claim the reward himself, and escapes with his prisoner into the slipstream, a region of howling winds that encircle the Earth, with the cops hot on his trail.

The Firing Line (1991) Color Not Rated Reb Brown, Shannon Tweed, Michael Monty

This action film features Reb Brown as Mark Hardin, a Pentagon advisor working in a South American country. After witnessing the execution of a rebel leader without a trial, he discovers a covert group of American servicemen has been perpetrating the atrocities on the rebels. His questioning the actions of his fellow advisors brings him no answers and just gets him tortured by his own men. Escaping from his captors, he is forced on the run with an innocent woman (Shannon Tweed) in tow. Mark and the woman team up with the very rebels he was brought in to help capture in order to fight back.

Not Rated.

Released by Mill Creek Entertainment. See more credits.